Business park costs start at approximately EUR 180.00 per month (plus VAT) for an address, forwarding of correspondence, redirection of telephone and fax and use of conference rooms.

The business park solution is less cost-intensive than actually leasing an office, with rates in larger cities in prime locations ranging from EUR 15.00 – 25.00/m²² per month and from EUR 8.00 – 15.00/m²² per month in smaller cities or less attractive locations. Taking this into account, it should also be pointed out that leasing contracts for these properties are normally established on terms of a binding 5-year period with the stipulation that the tenants pay an agent’s fee, which normally amounts to 2-3 monthly leasing fees.

When you lease through a business park, however, you can terminate the contract with 3 months’ notice and remain flexible while also saving brokerage fees, etc.

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